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    4 Video Advertising Trends to Watch in 2017

    Over the past few years, video has continued to migrate beyond TV, reaching people in more personalized and engaging environments. Digital video ads have created new and exciting ways for marketers to deliver highly targeted messages directly to the eyes and ears of key consumers, making it a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. 

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    BrightRoll joins Oath house of brands

    BrightRoll is now part of Oath, a diverse house of 50+ media and technology brands that engages over a billion people around the world.

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    The Fall of Flash: What video advertisers need to know

    As Flash continues its final ride into the sunset, advertisers need to consider the best way to integrate HTML5 into their video executions. BrightRoll has a solution.

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    How will "Fake News" affect online ad budgets?

    There's been a lot of buzz about "fake news" lately, but how will it affect the programmatic landscape? We asked over 400 marketing decision makers what they thought.

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    Publishers, are you maximizing native advertising for the best ROI?

    Yahoo has learned a lot about what works best for implementing native ads across desktop and mobile to guide publishers on the most effective monetization strategies. Are you maximizing yield on your native ads?

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    Make finding the right inventory easier

    With so much digital advertising inventory available, advertisers are constantly challenged to find high-quality, high-performing inventory to reach their target audience and meet campaign goals. With billions of potential impressions to sort, where does an advertiser start?

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