The BrightRoll DSP Drives Programmatic Success

With more than 165 billion data points a day, the BrightRoll DSP is working for advertisers, solving their toughest challenges and driving results. Our data-driven approach helps advertisers reach precise audiences across all formats and devices. Make the connections that matter with the BrightRoll DSP.


  • Benefit

    Exclusive Yahoo Data

    Gain exceptional audience insights with exclusive access to Yahoo Audience Data.
  • Benefit

    Cross-Channel Targeting

    Reach viewers across devices through video, display, and native ads.
  • Benefit

    Full Transparency

    Know and control exactly where your creative appears, down to individual URLs.
  • Feature

    Advanced Audience Targeting

    Get exclusive access to Yahoo's data sources like mobile analytics, email, user registration, search, Yahoo apps, and content consumption. Yahoo’s platforms draw over 1 billion users every month; users who perform over 165 billion activities every day from 2.1 billion devices.

    With our Audience Builder and that kind of data in your toolkit, you can use deep—and sometimes surprising—insights to build your audiences easily.

  • Feature

    Streamlined Campaign Management

    Precise targeting is key when running programmatic campaigns, and we empower you to target audiences by location, device type, time of day, and dozens of other parameters. But what’s targeting without measurement? Measure the results of your campaigns with third-party integrations with comScore, Nielsen, and Moat, and ensure that your creatives are seen by real viewers with Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify.

    Our reporting dashboard gives you results in real time, with full transparency into every campaign parameter, and our technology will automatically optimize campaigns for peak performance.


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