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Every day, the top DSPs, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks rely on the BrightRoll Exchange to buy premium, high-quality video, display, and native ad inventory from top publishers around the world.

  • Benefit

    Premium Inventory

    Buy high-quality ad placements from thousands of top-tier publishers and apps
  • Benefit

    Dedicated to Quality

    Our cyclical approach to inventory quality keeps your ad buys safe while reaching real viewers
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    Access Yahoo Supply

    Preferred access to Yahoo supply, which attracts billions of viewers
  • Feature

    High-Quality Inventory

    We are committed to quality in our products and inventory, and use a combination of proprietary technology, third-party integrations, human monitoring, and industry partnerships to make sure that every placement sold on the BrightRoll Exchange is high quality and low-risk.

  • Feature

    Inventory + Data

    The BrightRoll Exchange offers the unique combination of Yahoo Audience Data which, when combined with third-party audience data and viewability measurement data, gives you deeper, more meaningful insights that can improve targeting and help you reach your goals.  

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Solutions for Publishers

Publishers can sell their inventory to advertisers on the BrightRoll Exchange through Yahoo for Publishers, Yahoo’s global data-driven platform that helps publishers and app developers generate revenue through digital advertising. We look forward to working with you!

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