Understanding Programmatic:
Fraud and Inventory Quality


BrightRoll delivers programmatic tools to help buyers and sellers make the most out of digital advertising. As the leading programmatic ad platform, we can help you meet and exceed your video, display, and native advertising goals.

BrightRoll DSP

BrightRoll DSP

With proprietary data from Yahoo, sophisticated targeting capabilities, and access to premium inventory, the BrightRoll DSP is uniquely positioned to help your ad campaigns succeed.

  • Use Yahoo Audience Data for more accurate targeting throughout your campaigns

  • Reach viewers across devices through video, display, and native ads

  • Complete control over your media buys, with transparent reporting

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Brightroll Exchange

Brightroll Exchange

Grow your business with the BrightRoll Exchange, one of the industry’s largest marketplaces connecting publishers and advertisers to video, display, and native digital advertising.

  • Premium, highly viewable supply from Yahoo and thousands of top-tier publishers and apps

  • A comprehensive inventory quality process ensures high-quality, brand-safe inventory

  • Best-in-class support delivers customized programmatic solutions and exclusive deals

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